"I reached out to Mahlena when I was exploring the possibility of writing a new book. I have several books published but wanted to try something new. This new book concept was completely different than what I had done before. Mahlena was instrumental in helping me to reset my vision to match my new book. I was apprehensive about my ability to write this new book but Mahlena was encouraging and helped me overcome my self-imposed limitations. In addition, she introduced me to new perspectives into the development and process behind bringing this new book to fruition. Whether you have hundreds of published books or are looking to begin your writing career, I highly recommend reaching out to Mahlena to help bring out the best in your writing."

- Jerome W.


"I am thoroughly impressed by Mahlena Rae Johnson's strategy session. I went into the call, blank and with no idea of what I wanted or how to achieve it. Mahlena not only listened with ease but put my ideas into focus by asking pertinent questions. I could actually feel my mission gaining strength and momentum. After the call, not only did I have an answer for what I actually wanted to do, but I was also armed with three actionable steps and how to implement them. Thank you Mahlena. Can't wait for my next session!"

- Aditi W. S.


"Thank you so much for working with me on getting started with my book.  I know I was a real mess. I am thankful for our call as it gave me some real clarification and confidence where I was lacking.

Since our call I have been able to get really started on my writing. Not only that, but I feel very confident about what I've gotten done.

Talking with you really made getting started easier and I can't thank you enough for your time!"

- Jennifer B.


"I recently had a strategy session with Mahlena and it was SO amazing. She took me from having a dream of writing a book one day to feeling like this was something totally feasible for me to achieve. She asked questions, really LISTENED to my responses and developed an action plan to get me started all while encouraging me that my book is worth writing. If you are thinking of becoming an author or in the beginning stages PLEASE, do yourself a favor and reach out to Mahlena. She is AMAZING!"

- Jocelyn M.

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